Just as nature intended


The Juiceman Ethos

JUICEMAN is more than just an individual,   a business or yet another brand. Juiceman is a choice. It is a choice to embrace a healthier lifestyle, complemented and supplemented by natural and unprocessed nutrition. It is a choice to give our bodies the best we possibly can and help enable us to achieve a long and healthy lifespan.

The Process.

100% Cold Pressed Organic Juice

Cold Press Juice

At Juiceman we believe that a raw, cold pressed process is the best way to extract the juice from fruits and vegetables. Using the cold press technique we liberate the enzymes and nutrients from our 100% Organic produce by first pulverising it through the shredder section of the cold press machine. The shredded pulp is then pressed via approximately seven tonnes of pressure, which squeezes every single drop of juice from the pulp. The results are perfect extraction of the nutrients and quite simply the best tasting juice on the planet! Our cold pressed juices will provide you with over 1kg of Organic fruit and vegetables in a bottle packed with easily digestible raw vitamins, minerals and enzymes, flooding your body with pure unadulterated nutrition.


The cold press does not force air into the juice during the pressing process and therefore the juice does not decay as fast as other methods of juice extraction. When kept refrigerated at all times, our juice will stay fresh for up to 72 hours. Do not be worried if your juice separates, separating naturally occurs when no preservatives are added. Just give it a little shake and enjoy. 

The Process

Our cold pressed process is very different from that of a normal centrifugal juicer or blender as found in our homes, coffee shops and cafes that ‘juice while you wait’. These juicers allow oxygen and heat to enter the process and destroy many of the essential nutrients that our bodies need. Our cold pressed juice is raw and unpasteurised, allowing us to maintain the vital micronutrients that are found in our beautiful 100% Organic fruits and vegetables. Heating food destroys many of these necessary micronutrients. Our Juices are 100% raw, providing you with an amazing burst of energy and mental clarity. Eating raw and organic produce is as good for the planet as it is for our bodies.