Cold Press Juice Cleanses

Fasting is one of the oldest ways to self heal the human body and naturally encourages it to rid itself of toxins. The human body takes on average 18 hours to process each piece of food that is consumed, therefore, if you consider three meals a day with snacks, your body never stops working. Over time toxins build up and coat your internal system creating an acidic pH (the opposite to the alkaline pH the human body needs). If your colon and digestive system is coated in waste from meat and dairy products your body will only be able to absorb a small percentage of the “Good Stuff” you consume. Fasting drinking cold pressed juice aids the detoxification process whilst still getting nutrition and goodness 

Treat your juice cleanse like a holiday, make sure you prepare for it properly by taking time to relax and start the elimination process by cutting caffeine, dairy, alcohol and processed foods from your diet at least two days prior to your start day. Whether its a 3day or 7day juice cleanse the preperation will help you get the most from the cleanse. It is also important to ease yourself out of your cleanse the way you started, with good wholesome raw nutritious food. At Juiceman we provide you with all the information and nutritious cold pressed juices for a care-free cleanse.