About Juiceman


The Juiceman Story

Andrew Cooper bought his first juicer at the age of 19 to supplement his incredibly busy lifestyle with foods and juices and from then his love grew and grew. Buying his own fruit farm, he began making organic juices for his growing family and increasingly friends and family as word spread of the great tasting juices he was creating!

His passion for juicing continued as he balanced the demands of raising a young family with those of his career and now juicing in the Cooper household is part of the family routine. He is recognised as an expert in the industry, having created the Juiceman brand to spread his passion about the health and lifestyle benefits of juices and juice cleanses, leading to a no 1 best selling book Juiceman which was published in January 2016.

The Juiceman Ethos

JUICEMAN is more than just an individual, a business or yet another brand.

Juiceman is a choice. It is a choice to embrace a healthier lifestyle, complemented and supplemented by natural and unprocessed nutrition. It is a choice to give our bodies the best we possibly can and help enable us to achieve a long and healthy lifespan. Our logo symbolises this ethos and Juiceman's lifeline reinforces our belief that optimum nutrition extends life expectancy.

Juiceman is a brand that you can trust. We produce cold pressed, unpasteurised juices, nut milks, tonics, shots, cleanses and much, much more.

The unique and exciting recipes used within this range have been created and planned to perfection. From seed to bottle, everything is hand picked, hand made and hand bottled. Juiceman's hand print expresses his own seal of approval and is our guarantee that his customers have invested in quality.

Our concept is to provide you with an easy way to complement your busy lifestyle and maintain optimum health. Morning juices, health shots, nut milks and cleanses delivered every day, just as the local Milkman did when you were a child. We will take care of the hard work for you and bring your daily goodness straight to your door.


Cold pressed, unpasteurised juices, nut milks, tonics, shots, cleanses 

Andrew Cooper Juiceman Founder

Our Founder

It all started as the lifestyle of one individual, Andrew Cooper, who spent the last ten years sharing his love for juices, smoothies and raw food with his friends and family. As the demand for his unique juices and cleanses grew Juiceman was born. Andrew's knowledge and love of juicing has literally changed the way his family lead their lives and has improved their health and longevity. Juiceman sums up his ethos in one word - Lifelong - and now wants to share his passion and lifestyle with you.