Pre Cleanse Advice

Fasting is one of the oldest ways to self heal the human body and naturally encourages it to rid itself of toxins. The human body takes on average 18 hours to process each piece of food that is consumed, therefore, if you consider three meals a day with snacks, your body never stops working.



By now you should have eliminated all caffeine, alcohol, dairy and processed foods from your diet. If you are a smoker you would ideally stop whilst cleansing to get the best results, if not try and cut down, it may even be the catalyst to giving up completely!

Today is the perfect day to get some fresh, preferably Organic, food to eat. Try and spend your day eating whole fruit, salads, soups and steamed vegetables. If you must eat meat, stick to chicken or have fish instead. The more effort you put into this day will help with the overall cleanse. Do not worry about the thought of having no food and eating more than usual to make sure you have enough calories, your juice cleanse will provide you with everything you need in the days to follow. Try to consume your last meal by 6-7pm so you can get a deeper more beneficial cleanse in the first day.

Also now is a good time to get your cooler together if you are going to be out all day. A standard cool bag or cool box such as you would use on a picnic, complete with ice blocks should be sufficient. Cold pressed juices need to be kept refrigerated at all times, failing to do so may damage the product and make it inedible. It is a good idea to try and plan your days so you allow for enough rest and cleanse/detox boosting activities such as:

Exercise - if this is your first cleanse I would do something light and avoid heavy cardio. Walking, Yoga (if theres one thing you should do its stretch) and light circuits are a good start. If you are experienced you should be able to carry on as normal. One tip is that you will always have optimum energy 30min after your juice so this is a good time to exercise. Also try and get it done in the morning as you may be more tired between 4-8pm.

Massage - If you can find a good masseur, then make sure you get booked in for a deep massage in order to help your body dispel of toxins and increase blood flow.

Sauna & Steam - A great way to encourage and speed up the detox.

Body Brush - This will help to eliminate toxins. Always remember to brush towards the heart.

Have a Hot Salt Bath - Again this will help to flush away the toxins.

Colonic - Everyone should be open minded about this as ultimately it is the only way to truly clean your digestive system so your body can absorb all those nutrients properly. If this is not for you then we can provide some sachets of Colosan, which will encourage bowl movement while cleansing. If you are happy to go ahead with a colonic then try to have one the night before you start or morning on the first day and then another the morning after you finish.

Sleep & Rest - If possible try and grab a cat nap in the afternoon and make sure you get an early night as sleeping will aid your body’s repairing process. Before you go to bed take a selfie and record measurements and weight to compare.

Depending on whether your juices were delivered last night or are coming this morning make sure they are kept cold at all times (between 2-5 degrees). If they are not kept cold it may damage the product and render them inedible. Wake up have a stretch and go downstairs and have your Awaken Shot. Plan your day around your juices.

There is a guide on how to space them out, but if you feel hungry and want to have 2 together then that’s fine. If you are going to be out make sure you have a cooler with enough ice packs to transport them so they are kept in optimum condition. You may have ordered extra nut milks and shots. If so, these can be consumed whenever you need them. The nut milks are especially good in the evening.


Daily Plan - DAY 1

WAKE UP - have the morning shot or add it to warm water.

7-8AM - Try not to gulp or rush. Chewing your juice will help with digestion and hunger. Exercise? Now is a good time to get 30mins in.

10-11AM - Your body has now not consumed solid food for 15 hours. A normal persons digestion will take around 18-23 hours to process a piece of food. So your body is still working on your last supper.

1-2PM - Your body has now stopped working on digestion and will be starting to detox. Some people find the first day the easiest but many especially if you are a coffee drinker then you may experience headaches and feel irritable. Don’t worry, this is totally normal. Make sure you drink plenty of water and take time out to relax if this is you.

4-5PM - You are nearly on the home run for the first day. Well done! Remember if you are feeling like you need more than one bottle you can have an extra juice and finish your day with your hunger buster Milk.

7-8PM - This is your last of the day. Enjoy and give yourself a pat on the back because the hardest part is done. Try and make time to have a stretch or foam roll. Body brush and run yourself a hot bath with salts. Also if possible try and get an early night as you might be feeling tired, so treat yourself to 8-10 hours sleep.


Daily Plan - DAY 2

WAKE UP - Have either morning shot or warm water and lemon (add ginger slice if you like)

7-8AM - You should now be feeling the detox, which can be a good feeling for some and a not so good feeling for others. I would say it’s 50/50 on whether the first day or the second day are the most challenging. It’s good to take note that you now should feel more relaxed as your body is not running on short bursts of sugar and caffeine. It is amazing how much these two substances can affect your moods and energy levels. Exercise? Now is a good time to get 30mins in.

10-11AM - You have now been without food for around 39 hours. Your body will be thanking you and will be using all the energy it has to have a good internal clean up. You may have lost some weight but this will vary from person to person. The most important thing is that you are giving your body a well-deserved break from the modern diet.

1-2PM - If you are feeling good and would like to extend your cleanse now is the time to contact If you have the time and are up for it, you will benefit from extending to 4 days. I also feel that the first two days are the worst. After that you get an elevated perception and will feel amazing.

4-5PM - If the weather is nice try to get outdoors; go walking or hiking. If not, try to have a sauna and steam to flush out the toxins. Your skin will thank you!

7-8PM - The last juice of the day and the end of your two day cleanse. WELL DONE. The first time is the hardest and you have made it this far. I would suggest if you are having solid food tomorrow to slowly ease yourself back in to normal eating. Try having a juice/smoothie for breakfast or even a banana. Things like avocado on rye toast are ok also. 

You should try and treat this day similar to the day before you started. Feast on Salads, Soups or a favourite of mine is hummus with raw veg crudité; but remember to eat smaller portions to gently ease your stomach back in to digesting solid food. If you don't take a probiotic then now is a good time to start as your stomach is clean and will be grateful.


If you are continuing your cleanse then please just follow the daily routine and you should feel better and find it easier by the hour. Happy Cleansing!