1. What are the benefits of a juice cleanse?

Our bodies work hard to cope with the stresses and pollution of every day life. And lets face it, although we know about what and how we should be eating, sometimes daily life just gets in the way and we overindulge in the wrong things like sugar, caffeine and alcohol. Our bodies work really hard to maintain balance and detox everyday and a cleanse can be a helping hand, giving your body a break and a really convenient way to help your body rebalance whilst giving it all the nutrients it needs.

Every juice you drink will provide you with over 1kg of organic fruit and vegetables in a bottle packed with easily digestible raw vitamins, minerals and enzymes, flooding your body with pure unadulterated nutrition  Our clients talk about glowing skin, flatter stomachs, a better nights sleep as well as weight loss. Most importantly they tell us they feel better in themselves with a real energy boost.

2. What is cold-pressed juice and why is it better?

Cold-pressed juice is a process that uses a hydraulic press to extract the juice from fruit and vegetables. This means it's a much less invasive way to process the juices. We believe that this process makes the juice taste much better and fresher and importantly maximises the nutrients available from the juice so that it delivers the maximum health benefits to you. As soon as the juice has been pressed, we immediately bottle and refrigerate our juice to make sure you get the freshest juice possible

3. Are your juice cleanses organic?

Yes all of our products are 100% organic and certified by the Soil Association. Every juice you drink will provide you with over 1kg of organic fruit and vegetables in a bottle packed with easily digestible raw vitamins, minerals and enzymes

4. How should I store my juices?

Your juices will be delivered to your doorstep in a Juiceman box with ice packs. Take them out of the box and store them immediately in your fridge. We produce our juices first thing in the morning to ensure maximum freshness and quality for you.

5. Where are your juice cleanses produced?

All of our cleanses are manufactured in the south of England in a high grade production facility using the absolute best quality fresh, organic produce

6. Will I lose weight on a juice cleanse?

Juiceman cleanses are intended to rebalance you, eliminate toxins  and flood your body with nutrient rich organic juices that help restore you and contribute to your health and wellness. Many of our clients do report losing weight - seven pounds plus in a week is not uncommon - but we would encourage you to think of this as a bonus and focus on the benefits of lifestyle changes that the cleanse will encourage you to maintain.

7. How often should I cleanse?

We would recommend a cleanse once a quarter, so every 3 months or so. Ideally, we'd suggest you eat a healthy diet and think about overall lifestyle balance, integrating juices into your everyday routine, using the cleanses as a breathing space for your mind and body to refresh and rebalance.

8. What can juices and juice cleanses help with?

Here at Juiceman we passionately believe that there is no better way to load up on vitamins and enzymes than with a glass of juice. To us, its about creating a sustainable balance as we know that a nutritious diet goes a long way to create a lifelong habit that is easy, fun and enjoyable. We believe that juices and cleanses can help you to:

- increase your energy levels
- get clearer skin
- reduce your cholestorol
- build stronger, healthier bones
- boost your immune system
- eliminate sugar and caffeine cravings
- get better quality sleep
- improve recovery from exercise
- improve productivity

9. How can I make my own juices at home between cleanses?

There's lots of advice out there and some great books with recipes. If you want to follow more of our own recipes, you can get Andrew Coopers book - Juiceman which has over 100 family friendly recipes ranging from juices to smoothies to recipes to reuse the juice pulp in a sustainable and ethical way - and even cocktail recipes for those treat days!

10. What juicer do you use to juice at home?

Again, there are many choices, we personally use Hurom juicers as we believe they deliver the best tasting, maximum nutrition juice